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I almost want to ask someone else to write this for me. Some of my closest could probably write about me a whole lot better than I can!!


On November 7th I will celebrate my 6th anniversary! I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. I was a freshmen of 14 when we met and he stole my heart away. Hard to believe that was 9 years ago. Just two short months into our marriage we found out we were expecting our 1st child. Our daughter has grown to be a very smart and too beautiful little girl and she knows it!!! 2 1/2 years later we welcomed our little boy. He is a mischievous handful. He was diagnosed at 4 months old with Hydrocephlus and Chiari Malformation. All the doctors visits and hospital stays kept us on our toes but I am glad to say that 6 surgeries later he is getting better by leaps and bounds. Surgery 7 is already scheduled. It will be a lifetime process but he is strong and doing amazing. I never thought I would be one of the mothers that would have to deal with all the mess we have been through. Even still people tell me that I am strong and they couldn't have dealt with all the stress associated with the condition. I have learned that when faced with a struggle you just put your head down and plow on through! I am a Network Technician for a small buisness in Texas and I LOVE MY JOB. It takes time away from my hobbies and blogging but to find that one thing you want to do everyday and get paid for it is amazing!!
WOW!! After reading this, I can hardly believe that I am only 24! I love my life and wouldn't have it any other way


I started the blog to talk about books. So much of the time lately I enjoy a really good book and have no one to tell about it. My intentions for this blog will be about books, however I will post my own soapboxes from time to time, feel free to ignore them. If you do decide to read them you will learn more about me. I enjoy many varieties of books. I went through a long romance phase and while I still enjoy them I am more into fantasy at the moment. I am not good at keeping a routine with it when my life goes crazy but I always seem to come back for more ;) The blog is named DoodleBug which is my daughters nickname. Shes an inspiration and I think someday when she can read she will be helping me with it :)

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